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by Maria Jackson on Econo Moving Co

Econo Moving Company is my favorite commercial mover! Working with those guys is always easy, every moving service is a great experience and I learn a lot of things that can be useful in my job as a manager. I am running a family business and often requires shipping and moving of different stuff. In situations like this, a trusted commercial mover comes in handy every time! Thanks a lot for your business partnership and I hope we will continue to work again in the future.

by Angel Burkhalter on Econo Moving Co

Econo Moving is awesome! I always recommend them to my clients! They pad and wrap the furniture and are so professional!My clients are always satisfied with their services.

by Sua Doty on Econo Moving Co

My husband was very impressed with this moving company. We have recently moved to Hoover, AL to our new place and we were looking for a commercial mover to relocate our business in the area. I am pretty satisfied with the moving service because it was not a waste of time at all, the schedule was very well organized and the movers were very good. I had a little chat with them and they seemed to be very easy going and I would like to say thank you to Mr David Burkhalter who organized the whole thing. Thank you and take care!

by James Witte on Econo Moving Co

It was a good experience working with this crew. Econo Moving Company helped me a lot with the shipping because I was not able to do it only by myself. I had many big and heavy objects and some fragile as well. It was very well organized, we had no delay and the guys were very good and polite. Thanks!

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