Econo Moving Co Effective Movers in Homewood & Hoover

When it comes moving and shifting belongings Econo Moving Co is considered best movers in Homewood & Hoover. Items need to be packed properly and effectively or else they are bound to get damaged and spoiled when in transit. Econo Moving Co ensures that the items remain in superior condition even after the move. And undoubtedly plastic wrap is one such packing supply that confers the best results.

Plastic wrap, also known as cling wrap, is a stretchable plastic film. Made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) the plastic wrap’s ability to cling to itself without the use of tapes or adhesives make it the most favorite packing supply among furniture movers in Hoover. A plastic wrapping not only provides a protective shield against dust and moisture, but also safeguards the belongings from scratches and damage during transit.

By following these simple tips we provide the best moving services in Homewood & Hoover:

  • Large or small plastic wrap roll? We pick the roll size depending upon the size of the item to be wrapped, thus ensuring the best results.
  • Presence of moisture and dust will not only increase the chances of damage but also erode the plastic wrap’s efficacy of clinging to itself. Therefore, we clean and completely dry the item before packing.
  • Detach removable parts and pack them separately. It is not only easy to wrap smaller parts but also makes movement easier, thus, cutting down on risk of damage.
  • When wrapping wood, leather or belongings made from natural fiber, movers in Hoover give sufficient paper padding before using plastic wrap.
  • Use cardboard or foam under the plastic wrap for added support and protection. Pay special attention to corners and delicate parts.

Although plastic wrap is easy to use, its efficacy depends on the skill and proficiency of the packers. At Econo Moving Co., we have the best men in the business to carry out the job. Trusted movers in Homewood, we possess the best packing supplies and offer unmatched packing services for a safe transit. Get in touch with us at 205-428-0608 for professional moving services in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.