Econo Moving Co Heavy Furniture Movers

Furniture moving is a demanding task. And understandably, it entails both time and effort to pull out a successful move as furniture moving is not just about protecting and safeguarding the furniture pieces from damages but also to ensure that the shifting does not cause any injury and harm to humans.

This is where enlisting services of trained movers and moving companies in Vestevia can prove helpful. Experienced and equipped with the best tools and human resources, we help move furniture quickly and safely.

Here are a few helpful tips that ensure the best results:

Evaluate the Furniture:
Evaluation of the furniture piece before actually getting down to dragging and moving the heavy furniture item is very important. Closely inspect the size, detachable parts and delicate portions of the furniture piece.

Assess the Pathways

Measure the width and dimensions of the furniture and compare them with the dimensions of the hallways. Our moving company in Helena will initiate the moving task only if it is technically possible. Furniture movers can also consider disassembling and reassembling of furniture.

Protect the Flooring:
While safeguarding furniture during the move is important, the flooring, doorway and stairway should be handled carefully as well. Dragging and pushing can harm the flooring; therefore it too should be adequately protected before the move.

Empty Furniture Pieces Before Moving:
Heavy furniture items should be emptied before moving. Stuffed units are heavy and also prone to risk of breakage and damage.

Use Ramps and Slides:
Moving furniture pieces is difficult and risky. Professional movers in Helena construct ramps to slide the furniture, making it easy and risk free.

Professional house movers are trained to move heavy furniture pieces carefully and effectively. Be it pool tables, pianos, beds or wardrobes; we are equipped to handle the job in the most competent manner. Econo Moving Co. is an established house mover in Helena & Vestevia