How To Move Plants without any Damage

Being an avid plant lover you have dedicated time, energy, and money to grow some of the most exotic kinds. It’s natural that you’ll want to move them along to your new home.

But believe me; moving plants is one of the trickiest tasks. Whether it’s a small potted plant or a whole kitchen garden, moving plants requires specific skill and expertise because it’s not just about safety but offering them the perfect environment to help them survive and thrive.

Here’s a list of suggestions that will help you move your plants effectively:

Talk to your Movers: The first and foremost step towards moving plants is to choose the best house movers.
Walk Them Through Your Garden: Don’t just indulge in vocal discussions. Instead, walk them through your garden showing the movers all of your plants you need to move. This is vital because plants cannot be stacked on one top of another. Therefore their moving requires huge moving space.

Pack Them Right: Once you are done with the pre-move requirements, it’s important to get down packing them deftly. Shift them from ceramic and clay pots to plastic pots to cut down on the risk of breakage during transit.

Check the Water Levels: Most plants species can live without water for up to 10 days. Calculate your move duration and check if it suits your particular plant species.

Move Them under Perfect Temperature: Plants require the perfect temperatures else they’ll give way. Pick movers who have trucks befitted with climate control systems. This will help maintain the ideal temperature settings and allow them to bloom and flourish despite the move.

Moving plants across a distance is certainly not a DIY task. Hiring the best men in the business is the best way to keep them alive and lively. For top rated moving services you can call Econo Moving Co. at 205-428-0608. We offer the most professional moving services in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

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